Homeowner Quote Basics

When requesting a quote for homeowner coverage, some of the questions you will be asked include:  What is the location or physical address?  What is the age of the home?  What is the construction type?  What is the value of your home?  Do you have any special collections or high-valued items that need to be covered?  Do you know your fire district?  How close are you to the fire department or fire hydrant?  Have you had any previous homeowner claims?

The homeowner market in North Carolina primarily reference several types of homeowner policies.  HO3 is used to provide coverage on a single family dwelling or townhouse.  HO4 is used to provide coverage for your personal property located in rental property you occupy.  HO6 is used to provide coverage on your condominium and personal property located in the condominium.  HE7 policies provide upgrades that may not be offered on an HO3 policy.

Your specific needs of coverage will dictate the best policy for you.

Once you have purchased your policy, some insurance tips for homeowners include:
Make a list of your belongings
Keep your insurance coverage current
Pay your premium
Read you policy
Know your insurance company

*Homeowner insurance policies DO NOT cover flood damage.  If you live in a flood plain, near a river or if you live near the coast, or any area subject to possible flooding, you should consider purchasing flood insurance for your home.

C. Bruce Matthews
TruOptions Personal & Commercial Insurance, LLC