A Policies and Procedures Manual

Family members working together many hours a week to run a five or six-person business might feel they have no time for putting together a policies and procedures manual.

But what they really have time for is an endless series of disputes and disagreements over compensation, benefits, work schedules, holidays and vacations, incurring debt, hiring and firing offspring and other family members, sharing ownership, and other vital issues.  In most cases, a few nights and weekends devoted to ironing out such details and developing written company policies and procedures that everyone can refer to will save untold hours, dollars and heartaches later on.

This is one way you can protect your business and run it like a business.

A Business Consultant can help you recognize and address the many challenges, problems, and issues that trouble you concerning running your business and provide options to help you resolve issues.

Consult an Attorney to help you with legal advice and a CPA for tax advice.  Their fees are well worth the investment.

C Bruce Matthews, CTEP, CWM
TruOptions Business Consultants, LLC