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A Strategic Plan and Mission Statement


Some smaller family companies reject the idea of a “mission statement” as too “high-brow” for them.  “We build homes”, said one business owner.  “What kind of mission can you make out of that?”

A mission statement not only describes what the business does, it also describes how it does business and for what purpose.  A mission statement reminds everyone how it does business and for what purpose.  A mission statement reminds everyone why the family is in this business, what its standard of quality is, and what goals it hopes to achieve.  If the company slips off track at some point, reference to mission statement can help bring it back.

A Hard Days Work for a Hard Earned Dollar


More than one company has split at the seams because there was no agreement on what kind and level of effort was required of family members who wanted to enjoy the business’ benefits.  Without that agreement, the idea emerged – and perhaps having a token title – was the only criterion for taking home money or enjoying perquisites.

The moral of family members and non-family employees alike plummets at the sight of a family member putting in 12 hours and taking home the same or better compensation as another employee who puts in 12 hours a day.  It may take a hard nose to do it, but the family has to set forth in clear terms what inputs are required to be eligible for the outputs.

A Policies and Procedures Manual


Family members working together many hours a week to run a five or six person business might feel they have no time for putting together a policies and procedures manual.

But what they really have time for is an endless series of disputes and disagreements over compensation, benefits, work schedules, holidays and vacations, incurring debt, hiring and firing offspring and other family members, sharing ownership, and other vital issues.  In most cases, a few nights and weekends devoted to ironing out such details and developing written company policies and procedures that everyone can refer to will save untold hours, dollars and heartaches later on.

Transition Planning


Even the struggling setup company or the very small business, is owned by somebody.  If that includes family members or other co-owners of closely held shares, it’s never too early to negotiate a buy-sell agreement to define how ownership changes will be handled.

No family company is immune to the difficulties that can be caused by death, divorce or hard-headedness within the family.  Before such things appear, they should be covered by a buy-sell agreement that has been worked out under relaxed conditions with competent professional advice.  The time to plan for bad times is during good times.

Commercial Insurance Matters


Commercial Insurance enables a business to transfer the financial consequences of a loss to an insurance company.  The insurance company, in turn, pays the policyholder for covered losses.

Commercial Insurance is one of several techniques used in risk management, which is the process of identifying, analyzing and managing loss exposures so that an organization can meet its objectives.  These techniques can be used as part of an overall process to help your business succeed.

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